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Employee Benefits

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Who to Contact

ENV Insurance
ICSD Business Office
ICSD HR Department
Robert Van Keuren
ENV Connect

The Ithaca City School District has transitioned to a new online benefits system called ENV Connect. Through ENV Connect, staff are able to view their current insurance plan information and benefit elections, as well as enroll and/or make changes to their plan during an open enrollment period or because of a qualifying event

Click here to access your ENV Connect account. If you have not yet registered, please contact Human Resources for a new invitation email.


Summaries of Benefits and Coverage

ESPI - SBC: $100/$700_Rx $5/$10
ITA/IEA - SBC: $150/$750_Rx $10/$25/$40
PPO (Admin/IPDA/Managerial & Confidential)_Rx $5/$35/$70
SBC: $50/$450_Rx $1/$6

Health Insurance

The ICSD offers employees comprehensive medical plans through Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

Self-Funded Member Guidebook
Download the self-funded version of the Excellus BCBS member guidebook for helpful information, including:
  • How to find a doctor
  • Managing your health and wellbeing
  • Expanding access to care through telehealth
  • Preventive care
  • Important information about your contract
Transparency in Coverage
The Transparency in Coverage Final Rules requires health plans to disclose on a public website the following information in two separate categories of machine-readable files*:
  • In-network provider rates for covered items and services 
  • Out-of-network allowed amounts and billed charges for covered items and services 

Visit the Excellus BCBS website to view this information:

*Machine-readable files are designed for a machine (i.e., computer) to read and will not be user-friendly for members. The best user experience for Excellus BCBS members will be to log in to their online account to access the cost estimation tool.

2022-23 Health and Dental Insurance Rates
Benefits and Coverage
Classic Blue Benefit Grids
COVID-19 Resources
Instructions to Submit HIPAA Authorization Online
Medical Claim Forms
Member Guidebook

Annual Disclosures/Reminders 2022-2023
Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Notice
HIPAA Notice
Medicaid - Children's Health Insurance Program [CHIP]
Michelle's Law + Women's Health and Cancer Act + Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act
Medicare D Notice (for staff over 65)


All employees covered by the ICSD insurance plan can receive care 24/7 via telemedicine. This service is provided by MDLIVE, a partner of Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

If you need to schedule a telemedicine appointment, and you utilize the ICSD insurance plan, follow these steps to access telemedicine 24/7 via MDLIVE:

MDLIVE Overview
MDLIVE Registration Card
Telemedicine Services FAQs
Telemedicine Services - BCBS

Vision and Dental

The ICSD offers employees vision and dental plans, administered by Ameritas. The FUSION plan combines dental and eye care benefits in one easy-to-administer plan.

2022-23 Health and Dental Insurance Rates
FUSION Highlight Sheet
Dental & Vision Transition Information
Dental Benefits Handout
Dental Claim Form
Dental Enrollment/Change/Waiver Form
Eye Care Highlight Sheet
Vision Benefits Handout
Vision Enrollment/Change/Waiver Form
Vision/Fusion Claim Form
Notice of Privacy Practices
English Version
Spanish Version

Once you've been enrolled in the Ameritas group plan, you'll receive a certificate outlining your benefits. Contact Ameritas if you haven't received a certificate. You can also access benefit information online by signing into your member account. Upon request, Ameritas will provide members with a paper copy of their certificate.

Flexible Spending Accounts

The ICSD partners with Pro-Flex Administrators LLC to offer employees Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). This benefit allows employees to pay for everyday health care, dependent care expenses, and certain individual premium expenses with pre-tax dollars. 

Direct Deposit Agreement
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
Eligible Expenses List
FAQ - FSA with Rollover
FSA Enrollment Form
Mobile App Information
Website & Mobile App Access Info



The ICSD offers employees prescription benefit plans, administered by Express Scripts.

Notice of Privacy Practices


US OMNI offers a supplemental retirement plan that gives you the option to save money from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis while allowing your money to grow tax-deferred until retirement. 

403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement Form
403(b) Universal Availability Notice
OMNI - Plan Details
OMNI - Start/Change Contributions