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How My Favorite Things Connect Me to the World

Adobe Sparks video about connections to Mexico
Adobe Sparks video about connections to Iran
Adobe Sparks video about connections to China
Adobe Sparks video about connections to Canada
Adobe Sparks video about connections to Switzerland

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School(s): Fall Creek Elementary
Grade(s): Third Grade, Tanya Kszystyniak and Michelle Szymczak
Subject(s): Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

Essential Question(s)

What is culture, where do we find it, and how does it affect our lives?
How are we connected to communities around the world through culture?

Case Study At A Glance

Students used their favorite things from home as a window into how we are connected to communities around the world. The favorite things launched students into inquiry about places around the world and an examination of culture. What is culture, what is my culture and where do we see it around the world? They explored the many facets of culture, why it is important, and how it is exchanged by people all over the world. Students exercised choice by choosing a country to research 3 different aspects of culture, and then comparing that country’s culture to their own. Students created an Adobe Spark teach others what they learned. Lastly, student reflected on what makes their own culture unique, and what we can learn from our differences. Their work was shared with families and school community at a Cultural Celebration, where they shared their research, reflections on how their interests connect them to the world and a dish from that country.

Standards Addressed/Long Term Learning Targets

Social Studies

  • 3.5 -- Communities share cultural similarities and differences across the world.
  • 3.6 -- Communities from around the world interact with other people and communities and exchange cultural ideas and practices.

Numerous Literacy and 21st Century Standards in support of communicating understanding.


NYS C3 Social Studies Inquiry: “How Does Our Culture Make Us Similar and Different”

Anchor texts/Supplemental texts

Same, Same But Different by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw
This is How We Do It by Matt Lamothe