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ICSD Phones

In March 2018, we completed the second phase of our ICSD Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) project by deploying phones to all ICSD classrooms and setting up teacher voicemail.

District Phones

There are two main types of phones in our district: office and classroom phones. 

Office phones:
  • are associated with a specific user or position, instead of a classroom;
  • have a 7-digit direct outside number, as well as a 5-digit internal extension; and
  • display voicemail alerts that are tied to an extension (nurse, attendance, special education classroom).
Classroom phones:
  • are not tied to a specific user or position;
  • are only accessible with a 5-digit internal extension;
  • cannot be called directly from outside of the district during the school day (outside calls can only be transferred in from the main office);
  • can be reached from outside of the district after school hours if the caller knows the room extension;
  • do not display voicemail alerts on the phone (teachers' voicemails are not tied to the phone); and
  • have speed dials for the nurse, main office, and custodian.
Directions for Dialing Out & Accessing Voicemail
  • Make an emergency call: dial 911
  • Call outside lines: dial 8 + 1 + area code + 7-digit number
  • Call inside lines: dial the 5-digit extension
  • Access voicemail: dial 90001 or (607) 274-8888

Teacher Voicemail

  • will be delivered to your email as an attached sound file;
  • is accessible from any ICSD phone with your mailbox number and pin (your 5-digit mailbox number is based on your employee ID number - including padding with leading zeroes if necessary); and
  • is not tied to any particular phone.
Directions for accessing your ICSD voicemail:
  1. Call your mailbox (from inside the district, dial 90001; from outside of the district, dial (607) 274-8888).
  2. Enter your voice mailbox number, followed by the # symbol.
  3. Follow the voice prompts to record your greeting and pick a new pin number.
How to leave a message on a teacher voicemail from any ICSD phone:
  • call their 5-digit mailbox number from any ICSD phone
  • open the voice directory and say their name.
How to leave a message on a teacher voicemail from a non-ICSD phone:
  1. call the building's main phone line, or dial (607) 274-8888;
  2. enter the voice mailbox number; and
  3. you should then hear the teacher's greeting and be able to record a message.

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