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Course Selection Process 2020-2021

Hello families!

Below you will find a video describing the course selection process, as well as other resources that may be helpful in selecting and entering courses in SchoolTool.  

The following steps are discussed in more detail in the video. (note: if the embeded link is not working, a hyperlink to the video will be available in the "links" section below)

Step One
  • Review your graduation requirements, transcript, teacher recommendations, as well as the 2020-2021 Program of Studies 
  • You can obtain your transcript from your school counselor.
  • You can find your teacher recommendations in your SchoolTool Student Portal (go to Grades - progress2:TchRec). If you have questions about your recommendation, we encourage you to have conversations with your teachers.
    Note: You may select a course that is a lower level than your teacher recommends, however, you must submit a course waiver form if you wish to override the teacher recommendation (for example, if your teacher recommends H-US History, you may select either US History or H-US History, but if you wish to take AP US History, you must submit a waiver form).
  • Also consider what you want to do after high school – the courses you select should align with your career goals.
  • It is important to consider how much time you will be spending on homework for each course. Time Management Calculator
  • For those students who are interested in the Career and Technical Education programs at BOCES, connect with your school counselor as soon as possible to sign up.
Step Two
  • Enter your course selections in SchoolTool between Now and February 14, 2020. In SchoolTool, select the "scheduling tab" (view the "Course Selection Sheet" in the links below for accurate course names and ID numbers). Remember to SAVE your selections.
  • If you wish to make additional changes after February 14, your school counselor has access to make changes on your behalf
  • A printed copy of your course selections will be mailed home in late April for your approval.
  • The final deadline to make any course selection changes is May 15, 2020. After this date, no changes will be allowed - no exceptions. All waiver forms are due by this date as well.
  • We are happy to answer any questions regarding course selections
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