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Modified Grade Sports (7th & 8th Grade)

It is extremely important that ALL students involved at this level on the interscholastic program have a positive, meaningful, and productive experience.  It is also important that ALL students have reasonable opportunity to test learned skills in a competitive situation, and that such competition be as equitable as possible.

The Philosophy of 7th and 8th Grade Sports in Section IV
  • To provide as broad and varied an athletic program as is possible with an opportunity for competition on an equal basis for all students.  A desirable program will encourage participation in intramural competition at several achievement levels and provide inter-school competition in a modified sports program for the more talented in as large a variety of sports as possible.
  • To realize that the individual schools have the final responsibility to equalize competition and must administer the program so that no over-matching of teams or individuals shall be permitted.
  • To conduct the athletic program so that educational objectives shall be achieved; so that the highest ideals of sportsmanship are upheld; so that no single phase of the educational program is promoted at the expense of other equally important programs.
  • To realize that the athletic programs must be integrated with all other activities essential to youth, including those that may be conducted by out-of-school groups, to avoid an excessive load for any student.
  • To administer the program in such a manner that participants are properly examined, approved, equipped, insured, selected, classified, instructed, and supervised so that as safe a program as is possible is conducted.
  • To administer the program so that there shall be no over-emphasis, minimum loss of school time, with limited publicity, competent officiating, limited awards (ex. paper certificates, ribbons) and all efforts made to keep in a proper perspective.
  • To provide qualified faculty leadership that understands the teaching of sports to the age group, the objectives of this modified sports program, and the emphasis of safety procedures.
  • To cooperate with schools in the area in providing an inter-school athletic administrative unit that will achieve the objectives and will aid in the development of the highest type of cordial inter-school relationships.
  • To conduct the program so that the proper respect for authority is achieved and so that all evidences of undesirable athletic mannerisms are avoided.
  • To compete within the spirit of the rules, to give every opponent due credit and respect, and to win honorably and lose graciously.
  • To finance the program through the Board of Education approved funds.
  • To cooperate with the Sectional Athletic Council in its efforts to provide sound leadership for all middle schools in the section.  No league or sectional team or individual championships are to be conducted.