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Friday, February 27, 2015
2015 Scholarships and Awards Applications

Attention Students and Families:

The 2015 scholarship and award applications can be found on-line and in the College and Career Center with Brenda Sullivan. The majority of the awards will be for seniors, but there are underclass (9th, 10th, and 11th) awards, too. Awards fall under multiple categories, including academic achievement, financial need, individual character and ethnic background of students. If you have any questions, please see Todd Noyes in G116 or email him at tnoyes@icsd.k12.ny.us.

Mark your calendars for the award ceremonies, which will be held on June 2nd (Underclass) and June 4th (Seniors) at 6:30 pm.

Senior Due Dates:

Junior Due Dates:

Be sure to visit the Student Awards Applications page on the I.H.S. website for updates and additions.

Friday, January 23, 2015
IHS Brain Team Update

Ithaca High School’s quiz bowl teams have been doing very well this year, as can be seen by their busy schedule and commendable rankings. The past two events have been the Garden State Academic Competition in Metuchen, NJ and the National History Bee and Bowl in Ridgewood, NJ. The teams, known as the IHS Brain Team, are lead by Benjamin Kirk, an Ithaca High School mathematics teacher.

Ithaca A team has been ranked number 51 in the nation and number 2 in the state. This is an outstanding achievement for them, as this is the highest a team from Ithaca has ever been ranked.

On December 20, 2014, two teams competed at the Garden State Academic Competition. Ithaca A (Andrey Shakzhadyan, Casey Wetherbee, Daniel Xu, James Park) placed 8th overall with a 7-4 record, garnering an average of 374.5 points per game (compared to the top-ranked team with an average of 462.3 points). Ithaca B (Aidan Peck, Jesse Yuan, Luc Wetherbee, Owen Zhang), which did not make the playoffs, finished fourth in their consolation bracket and a still impressive average of 203 points per game.

The Brain Team went on to the regional tournament of the National History Bee and Bowl on January 17, 2015. The four members (Casey Wetherbee, Andrey Shakhzadyan, Daniel Xu, and Harry Sauer) played in both team and individual competitions. It was the largest regional tournament the team had ever played in, with more than 70 teams from more than 30 schools from the mid-atlantic states area. The three sophmores and one freshman made it to the semi-finals in their age bracket. This performance has qualified the IHS Brain Team for the national championship in Washington, DC to be held in April. Andrey and Casey also qualified for nationals in the individuals tournament.

The team can be followed on their Twitter feed @IHSBrainTeam.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Jason Trumble to Remain as Ithaca High School Principal

At a special meeting on Wednesday, January 21, the Ithaca City School District Board of Education approved the reassignment of Jason Trumble from Chief Administration Officer to Principal of Ithaca High School. Mr. Trumble has been serving as the leader of Ithaca High School since the previous principal, Jarrett Powers, departed in October 2014.

“I am enjoying serving as the instructional leader of Ithaca High School. My relationship with students, their families, and this staff, along with the engagement in continuous improvement efforts, prompted me to request that Dr. Brown and the Board of Education allow me to continue on in this role on a more permanent basis,” said Jason Trumble.

Mr. Trumble began his career at Ithaca High School in 1992 where he spent 11 years as a social studies teacher and cross-country and track coach. Mr. Trumble served nine years as an associate principal and principal of Boynton Middle School before becoming Chief Secondary Officer in 2012.

Superintendent Luvelle Brown remarked, "We were in the early stages of a national search process for the next principal of Ithaca High School. All things changed when Mr. Trumble walked into my office and asked to stay. From my perspective, no search process would have revealed a more committed, qualified, and talented educational leader for our community." Dr. Brown added, “Mr. Trumble’s reassignment concludes the search process as he will be vacating the role of Chief Administration Officer to serve as a tenured principal.”

"I am confident that the school’s positive momentum and exemplary performance will continue among the staff under Mr. Trumble’s leadership,” said Superintendent Luvelle Brown.

Opportunities will be available for community members to engage in two-way dialogue with Mr. Trumble regarding Ithaca High School’s current and future instructional and operational initiatives. Details regarding dates and times will be shared when available.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Code Red Robotics Build Commences

2015 FIRST Robotic Competition

On Saturday, January 3, Ithaca High School's FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Team 639 Code Red Robotics began its annual build season with the release of the 2015 FIRST game animation. Each year on the first Saturday of January, FIRST releases a video animation describing a game that each of the 3,000 teams in FIRST will build a 120-lb robot to play. Over the six weeks following the exciting kickoff event, Code Red Robotics will be working from 5:00-9:00 p.m. on weeknights and 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays to build a robot that will play this year's game called "Recycle Rush".

"Recycle Rush" involves stacking recycling totes and bins, and placing pool noodles (representing “litter”) on top. The robots will compete in 2.5 minute matches, starting with a fifteen second autonomous period (robots drive based on pre-programmed instructions). Unlike previous years' games that have involved extensive defensive strategy, this game features each three-team alliance constrained to one side of the field. This requires robots to be very skilled at offensive strategies, specifically working efficiently with their teammates to maximize the alliance’s score. Visit the 2015 FRC Game Reveal for more details.

After the intense six-week build season, the team is forced to stop work on the robot until the two regional competitions which they will be attending: Tech Valley in Troy, NY(March 20-22), and Buckeye in Cleveland, OH (March 27-29). If Code Red is part of a winning alliance at one of these competitions, they will be eligible to participate in the 2015 FIRST Championships event in St. Louis, MO from April 22 - 25, a feat that, with community support, they have accomplished the past three years.

Code Red Robotics Open House

Code Red Robotics' build session will be open for the public on Saturday, February 7, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. in the Ithaca High School (IHS) Technology wing (accessible from both the Lake Street and N. Cayuga Street entrances to IHS). This fourth annual Ithaca High School Technology and Engineering Open House will feature displays from FIRST Lego League teams (elementary school branches of FIRST), TSA (IHS’s Technology Student Association), the Ithaca High School Technology Education department, and the hosts, FIRST Team 639 Code Red Robotics. This will be an opportunity for the community to come see this year’s robot, as well as learn about technological opportunities offered for Ithaca City School District (ICSD) students.

Code Red Robotics receives generous support from the community and local companies. Sponsors include Rheonix, Autodesk, BAE Systems, BorgWarner, Morse TEC, CBORD, Cayuga Family Medicine, Cayuga Medical Center, Cognitive TPG, Cornell University Center for Computational Sustainability, Cornell University Computing & Information Science, Cornell University College of Engineering, Datapoint Labs, GORGES, M&T Bank, NASA Glenn Research Center, Sciarabba Walker, Tetra Tech, Tompkins Trust Company, Vector Magnetics, AccuFab, Incodema, Innovative Metal Works, U-Haul of Ithaca, Ithaca City School District, ICSD Board of Education, Ithaca High School, IPEI and IthacaSTEM Advocates.

FIRST Code Red Robotics, an IHS student organization, is an associate of Ithaca STEM Advocates, an affiliate of the Ithaca Public Education Initiative (IPEI). IPEI is a not-for-profit organization that believes the education of every ICSD student is enhanced through community connections and support facilitated by IPEI for students and teachers through engagement, collaboration, gifts, and grants. Visit the websites of Ithaca STEM Advocates and IPEI for more about these organizations. And for further information about FIRST, Jr. FIRST Lego League, and Code Red Robotics, please email Ian Krywe, I.H.S. Technology teacher, or go to the USFIRST website.