About Lehman Alternative Community School

The Lehman Alternative Community School is a small middle school/high school whose 300 students are chosen by a random lottery. It is a public school, with no tuition or fees for district students, with alternatives to traditional curriculum and school governance philosophies. LACS staff, especially at the high school level, design schedules and curriculum to allow students to study subjects of particular interest to them in-depth. Middle curriculum tends to be broader in topics covered. LACS does not depend on report cards or letter grades, but rather written evaluations of students. Students meet graduation requirements by “Graduation by Exhibition,” in which students are required to fulfill and demonstrate a variety of "essentials" to graduate.

Lehman - Dave Lehman was the founding principal of the school. He served as its principal from 1974 until he retired in 2004.

Alternative - We are an alternative to traditional schools, in our curricular and school governance philosophies.

Community - We believe in being both a community within our school and being part of the larger Ithaca community.

School - Well, we do learn here! LACS is a school devoted to preparing its students for a successful life.