ICSD Announces Launch of Engaged and Empowered Learning Site!

The Ithaca City School District (ICSD) is pleased to announce the launch of the Engaged and Empowered Learning (EEE) website!

The EEE website focuses on Engaged, Empowered Learning within ICSD and showcases projects created by elementary, middle, and high school students throughout the district. ICSD invites our community to explore Engaged, Empowered Learning in our district. The learning witnessed in this collection represents the ICSD vision and mission as it comes to life through audacious innovation, designed to meet the needs of our 21st Century students. ICSD is committed to meaningful and personal learning, to building and engaging in community, to teaching and learning in responsive and powerful ways, and to achieving academic and personal excellence for everyone. Our EEE website helps to showcase this commitment. 

In the real world, people learn in holistic, integrated, and personal ways, which leads our teachers to design leading edge, learner centered curriculum. Students are engaged in projects that often include rigorous research ( “in the field” or away from the classroom), engaging with experts, synthesizing their learning in various ways, and communicating what they have learned in traditional and nontraditional venues. These projects involve students in authentic learning; doing the work of historians, scientists, artists, mathematicians, and other professionals, in order to build and apply knowledge that is meaningful to their lives and futures.

ICSD values a focus on real-world issues, along with needs and experiences that promote engagement and deep learning of content, while often building interdisciplinary connections and understanding. Teachers are constructing the work to illuminate guiding or essential questions of the field, while maintaining a relevant, local focus. ICSD's myriad of community partners are a rich, integral part of this work. The curriculum and engagements seen here are the foundation and the cornerstone for student inquiry, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration in the classroom and the world.

This collection captures an important step forward in the culture of teaching and learning in ICSD. It will continue to grow as ICSD shares, celebrates, and communicates the evolution of teaching and learning in all of our schools, for every one of our students.