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Foods Around the World


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School: Ithaca High School    

Project Title: Food Cost Around the World

Class(s): Algebra 1 Common Core

Grade(s):9 and 10

Subject(s): Applied Global Mathematics

Project: Using mathematical and statistical methods, the Food Cost Around the World project requires students to put their math skills to work through the lens of food choices, commodities, and their cost around the world. Students choose a country to research, inquire about the essentials of life for a family, and discuss average food costs from a provided list.

Afterwards, a class discussion allows students to identify one imperative commodity and dive deeper through a statistical approach.  In gaining a deeper understanding of the value of money across cultures, students are able to think critically about how families meet their needs, and spend their money strategically. Analysis that students must wrestle with include implications of budgetary choices and consequences of food insecurity. Lastly, students make recommendations of interventions to address food insecurity. This project has students using mathematics and statistics to analyze situations, understand them, and build understanding to improve decisions.

Standards: Statistics-Interpreting Domain and Qualitative Data,1 and 2.


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