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Bud Not Buddy, and the Great Depression … An Exploration of Human Rights

Think before you act poem
Student drawing 1
Student drawing 2
Students rewarded for their work

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School: Boynton Middle School

Classes: English Language Arts, Social Studies

Grade: 6

Subjects: Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Art

Project: Students explored the Great Depression Era of the United States through multiple perspectives and literature. Students researched the effect of the Great Depression on different American communities and historical figures. They examined a variety of different responses to adversity through biographical research and built an understanding of the interplay between government and the governed in securing rights and fulfilling responsibilities. As culminating work, they created art, short films, and poetry to represent articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The final project involved participating in the Tompkins County Human Rights Commission’s Human Rights poster contest. Click here to read the poem Think Before You Act.

Standards: Multiple New York State Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Art

Service Learning: Participation in community contest

Experts/Local Connections: Tompkins County Human Rights Commission, TST Regional Social Studies Network,  The Dorothy Cotton Institute


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