Music News November 2016

Autumn Greetings!                  
Students are making Music at South Hill School!
Here is an overview of the many songs and musical activities that we have been practicing in the South Hill School Music Room this Fall:
- Kindergarten students have learned sunshine songs, alphabet songs, and singing games to identify parts of the body and different colors. They have been learning to use their singing voices, speaking voices, and whisper voices in the Music Room.  (We save our outside voices for the playground:)
- First Graders have learned songs, games, and rhythm patterns about Apples. They have demonstrated amazing skill reading & performing 'Apple Rhythms,' which include Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, and Quarter Rests!
- Second Graders have been practicing the tones of the Major Scale - Singing the classic "Doe-A-Deer" song and a catchy tune called "Whacky Do-Re-Mi." They have also performed some silly animal rhythms & speech pieces with percussion instruments.
- Third Graders have been singing Folk Songs ('Old Dan Tucker' & 'Old Joe Clark'), Fun Songs (Chickery Chick), Foodie Songs (Carrot Stew), and Old Favorites (Take Me Out to the Ballgame).
- Fourth Graders are specializing in Pulse, Pattern, and Patriotic music. They can conduct and march to the beat at the same time!
- Fifth Graders are studying Call & Response songs from different cultures - Africa, the Caribbean, and sailing Shanties. They have practiced drum chants and xylophone parts, too.
We are striving to build teamwork skills as we make music together. Music is a common thread that knits cultures together - and that also helps us to understand people of other cultures.