Physical Education News November 2016

October improved our hand-eye, and hand-foot coordination through the units of soccer and football, while Floor Hockey added an implement in challenges of skill sets. Cooperative Games and Team Building brought us together with task completion and confidence of working close with large groups. 

November will prove to be one of the most valuable months this year in developing our physical fitness. The unit of Stunts and Tumbling will build up our coordination, balance, timing, flexibility and strength. Practice and performing rolls, balances, and stunts will bring us to a very fun activity towards the end of the unit. More information to follow about this.
Rather than getting rid of old sneakers, please consider donating them to us here in the South Hill gym. We have several pairs of gently used sneakers available to those students that happen to forget their sneakers. These extra sneakers allow everyone to participate. We are really in need of smaller shoe sizes.
Mike Karlson
BJ Bliss