NYS 2017 School Superintendent of the Year Luvelle Brown Thank You Letter

Dear Team ICSD,

Thank you for the kind words of congratulations, encouragement, and support I have received since the 2017 New York State Superintendent of the Year announcement. The award is especially meaningful to me because it acknowledges your trust in the vision and mission we have for our school district. There is no doubt that the successes of our school district represent the commitment and hard work of an entire community. From my perspective, the Superintendent of the Year award exemplifies how students, teachers, caregivers, and Board members contribute to exceptional educational experiences for all. At the core of our continuous improvement efforts is an approach to leading with love.  Please know that the love you have shown inspires me as I work to meet the needs of our community’s learners.
Let us celebrate our achievements and positive momentum. Please show your support for our learning organization on November 15th. On this special day, Team ICSD we will let the world know of the amazing things happening here in the Ithaca City School District. Together, we are crafting an incredible story of transformation and success. 

I am honored to be on this journey with you. 
Luvelle Brown, Ed.D