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Recruitment/Retention Office

Ithaca City School District Welcomes You!
The ICSD Recruitment/Retention Office identifies, recruits, and retains educators who engage ALL students and themselves in the importance and relevance of thinking - empowering every educator to communicate, comprehend, and collaborate for understanding to achieve academic, social, and emotional excellence for ALL students and themselves.

The ICSD Recruitment/Retention Office envisions identifying, recruiting, and retaining educators who successfully empower ALL students and themselves to attain maximum potential in our community of 6000Thinkers!
The Only Piece Missing is You!
Highly effective educators - from administrators, bus drivers, and clerical staff to paraprofessionals and teachers - are actively being recruited to join the Culture of Excellence at Ithaca City School District. The student-centered learning community at ICSD embraces teaching and learning innovations, inclusive classrooms, and culturally-responsive teaching.

Click here to apply to join the ICSD team of 6,000+ Thinkers.
Teaching in Ithaca
In Ithaca, teachers transform lives as they facilitate learning in innovative spaces. Rewarding learning experiences are facilitated through their knowledge of academic potential, students' interest, cultural heritage, and special needs. Continuous collaboration and engagement by teachers with colleagues, families, community members, ... contribute to the national recognition of ICSD as a high-performing school district.

Additional Benefits & Opportunities Include:
- Nationally-competitive Starting Salaries
- Salary Increases for Graduate Credits/Professional Development
- New Teacher Orientation
- New Teacher Mentoring 

- Generous Health Insurance Plan
- Dental Benefits

- 1:1 Computer Access for All Students and Staff
- Classroom Support Staff
- Aggressive, Innovative, Continuous Professional Development
- Paid Leadership Positions
Coordinator of Recruitment/Retention
Dr. Claudette James

Over 150 Waterfalls is why they say, "Ithaca is Gorges!"
Other reasons to consider working in Ithaca include the beautiful landscape. Five hundred generations ago, sky-high glaciers surrendered to a landscape of crystal lakes, jagged gorges, and thundering waterfalls. The view is now green with vineyards and farms. It is lush with gentle hills and forests. It's lively with villages and energized by people who love the sights, sounds, and flavors of a region still unspoiled. Welcome to Ithaca. Ten square miles surrounded by reality. (Source,

Ithaca is home to the prestigious Cornell University and Ithaca College.
Ithaca is located about an hour south of Syracuse. In addition to the waterfalls, the outstanding quality of life includes theaters, museums, restaurants, a vibrant downtown with the newly-designed, vibrant Commons, and a variety of activities in every season.

Photos by Joe Scaglione
Upcoming Positions
Openings are anticipated for the 2017-2018 school year in:

- Elementary Teachers
- Secondary Math
- Secondary English
- School Counselor
Apply to join Team ICSD. Engage, Educate, Empower - Everyone!

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Ithaca City School District
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