Physical Education News September 2016

Welcome back to school, we hope that everyone had a very enjoyable, relaxing and exercise filled summer! 

To start school, children will be reviewing safety protocol not only in the gym, but also outside on the playground. The new kindergarten students will start to familiarize themselves with such a big place and get an idea of all of the amazing things that happen here in the gym. We ask that children do their best to remember their sneakers each and every PE day. Classes will have PE two or three times a week depending on the schedule. Friday class happens every other week for students. 

Any questions, feel free to email us at any time throughout the year.
Monday and Wednesday PE Classes:
Snyder, Hoffman, Powell, Wilhelm, Miller & Blackmur
Tuesday & Thursday PE Classes:
Humble, Stamm, Cornish, Levine, Yacobelli, Pritz, Camel, Koestler, Belle, Eckley &Lazzaro