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Attendance Info & Procedures


(Located in the Main Office.)


Student Pick-up & Drop-off Procedures During the School Day

Late Arrival/Tardy

  • Students who arrive late to school should immediately report to the Attendance Office (located in B Building) before continuing on to their class.

  • If a student arrives in class within 20 minutes after the bell has rung, student will be marked tardy. Any arrival later than 20 minutes is considered an absence.

Appointments and Early Dismissals

  • Students who need to leave early or for a chunk of time in the middle of the day, are asked to submit a note from their parent/guardian to the Attendance Office at the beginning of the day. The note should indicate the time the student is expected to be away,  include who is picking up student, or if the student has permission to walk/drive to the appointment.

  • The Attendance Clerks will provide the student with an early dismissal slip to be shown to the classroom teacher and any hall monitors.

  • A student without a note must report to the Attendance Office before leaving campus and staff will contact parent/guardian to confirm appointment.

  • If a parent/guardian has made an appointment, of which student is not aware, the parent/guardian should notify the Attendance Office who will attempt to contact student and make sure he/she is ready for pick up at the appropriate time.

Student Absent from School all day

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for emailing or calling Attendance Office before 10 a.m. on each day their child is absent. Within three days of any absence, a written note or email stating the reason for the absence must be sent to the Attendance staff.

Student Absent from Class

  • When a student is marked absent from class, an automated call is generated home that evening. Attendance staff will attempt to make contact with a parent/guardian the following day, via email or phone.

  • If a student was incorrectly marked absent, the student should follow up with the teacher in order to have it corrected.

  • Students and families will be formally notified via email after every third unexcused absence in a class. Students will be expected to meet with their counselor, Graduation Coach, and or Assoc. Principal to make a plan for improving attendance.

Extended Medical Absence Procedures

Planned Absences

  • For planned absences of one or two days, students should inform teachers verbally and parents/guardians should provide a note to Attendance.

  • Students are responsible for making arrangements with teachers to make up missed work for all excused absences.

Extended Medical Absences/Releases

  • Extended absences or activity restrictions  due to medical reasons should be reported to the medical office who will inform Attendance, School Counselors, and Associate Principals.


If you are staying after school for clubs, sports, rehearsals, etc. and need to ride the late bus, a pass MUST be obtained from a teacher or sponsor you will be staying with prior to getting on the late bus.

For these and other procedures, please see the 2015-2016 Student Handbook

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