Technology Highlight: Zachary Lind

What are your strengths?
Lind: My greatest strengths are my ability to talk and work with colleagues. I also have a strong understanding of how technology and education intersect. Using these strengths, I plan to continue connecting teachers with the proper technology to support their teaching and the student learning. I have a pretty good sense of humor about most situations, and that allows me to understand and adapt to the evolving technological needs of the district. I try to bridge the gap between technology and education by building strong relationships. I take the time to get to know the people I interact with. My ultimate goal is to make teachers and staff members across the district feel comfortable asking for technological support.
Why are you a member of the ICSD team?
Lind: I started working with the district two years ago. I vaIue the work that the district does with students and technology. I grew up in and around the Ithaca community. I am currently raising a family in the school district. I have a vested interest in the teaching and learning that occurs in the schools. I take great pride in the accomplishments of the district. One of the things I feel most strongly about in my work with ICSD is the importance of access to the Internet for all students. When we don't have equitable access, we create a situation of the haves and have-nots - where some students can access material, content, video, images and so much more while others are left literally in the dark. I want to find solutions that help solve this problem.
What do you try to accomplish within the first 45 minutes of each school day?
Lind: I usually try to talk to colleagues and check in with people across the district before I respond to email.
Describe yourself.
Lind: I think I am pretty average. I am married, have two kids, and a dog. For fun, I play soccer in a bunch of leagues and mountain bike in Shindagin Hollow. Also, I am an identical twin. If some day I don’t say hi to you, that’s probably my twin you are talking to.
What helps you handle pressure?
Lind: I compartmentalize a lot of things and then try to be in the moment when I can. I think it is really important to work when at work, take time to enjoy family and friends, and then come to each task with enthusiasm.

What question do you have for ICSD students?
Lind: What do they think the future holds? As educators, we often assume what is best for students. It’s important to find out what they think, too.

What lessons has your work life taught you?
Lind: The work you do will always be important, but the life that you lead should be what defines you.

What does your future hold?
Lind: I think my future as an educator will be defined by the evolution of technology. I anticipate workings with teachers to reimagine classroom spaces and how to use new technologies. The things that will change about education are almost unimaginable. Interactive walls may guide students through a teacher’s lessons, students working at a table might view a 3d interactive image and examines it as part of a lesson, LED colored lights might illuminate a portion of a classroom to show students where to go during a part of a lesson, students might use these tools to partner with classmates across states and continents.