Goals & Priorities Survey Results

In April, more than 1,500 people shared their thoughts in the annual Ithaca City School District online Goals & Priorities Survey. The survey participation is a large increase from previous years, including an increase in response by students of more than 250 percent, and positive trends continued in many other areas.
“We are happy to learn that our community has positive perceptions of the work that is happening in our school district,” said Superintendent Luvelle Brown.
Respondents weighed in on school, teacher, and community relationships - in addition to digital learning, rigor and relevance of the curriculum; communication and events.
Seventy-five percent of student respondents said they would recommend their school to a friend, up from 68 percent in the first survey in 2013. Eighty-nine percent said they have a “very positive relationship” with at least one of their teachers, up from 86 percent. Students’ positive responses about challenging schoolwork, teacher expectations, and rigorous coursework have continued to increase since 2013.
The ICSD digital learning initiative is praised by the community in the survey responses. Seventy-one percent of parents and community members believe having access to technology in school enhances student learning. Sixty percent think technology increases overall student engagement.
In addition, 66 percent of responding students in grades six through 12 said that technology increased their collaboration with classmates. Sixty-one percent said technology gives them a choice in how they learn, and 58 percent said they are developing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills as a result.
Fifty-seven percent of parents and community members said ICSD gives them meaningful opportunities to be heard, and 64 percent said they are informed about school issues and decisions that affect them.
“We are committed to establishing an open dialogue with everyone in the Ithaca community,” Brown said. “We want to hear what our community thinks, and use that feedback to spur positive change in our schools. These survey results affirm the purposeful decisions to do what is best for our students. The survey was an important student-led initiative, and it is an important part of our future. We will continue to seek feedback and make adjustments based on what our students and community tell us.”
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