Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year

The beginning of school is just around the corner. As much as it’s sad to say goodbye to summer, a new school year brings much anticipation and excitement.

Thanks to our fantastic custodial crew, our school is looking shiny and new and ready for school to begin. We have several new teachers on staff this year to accompany our excellent cadre of veteran educators. This year, we are launching a new initiative, the College Mentoring Program, a school-community partnership with Cornell University. First- and second-grade students will have the opportunity to partner with a Cornell mentor, take weekly field trips to explore the campus, and see the wonderful possibilities that Cornell - and, college in general - has to offer. From the moment our students enter school, we want them to know that learning is a lifetime adventure and it is never too early to be thinking about college and career readiness. We believe that all of our students and their families should know that - with education - all things are possible. We are happy and excited to have a college mentoring program at our school, beginning in the primary grades.

We also will continue to partner with SUNY Cortland, hosting as many as 20 practicum students each semester. These college students are in a teacher preparation program and having them learn in an authentic school environment helps them and helps us - we can stay on the leading edge of how college preparation programs are preparing new teachers for the challenges and rewards of a teaching career.

At Cayuga Heights, we work hard to have our students understand that we are a learning community - and, together, we learn how to work and play side by side and do our part so everyone can learn. We welcome and value strong collaborative relationships with families and our many community partners. We understand that children’s education truly is a shared venture and the stronger the home-school connection, then the more successful experiences for all of our children.

~ Brad Pollack, Cayuga Heights Elementary Principal