Staff Versus Students Basketball Game

Every year Principal Mac Knight and Vice Principal Deborah Rivera make sure staff and eighth-grade students face off on the basketball court at DeWitt. This event is held to celebrate eighth graders moving up to high school while fostering camaraderie with those they’ll be leaving at DeWitt.
This year, eighth-grade student athletes Simon Barley and Graceanne Gorski were chosen to organize and rally peers. The eighth graders arrived rallied and prepared to walk away with yet another win.   
“They put up a tough game,” said Teacher Crystal Sessoms. “But we won, the staff won - took the game by two points. Primarily it’s DeWitt staff playing against the students, but historically we’ve lost. So, we reached out to other staff - i.e. Dr. Brown,” Sessoms said.
Superintendent Luvelle Brown rose to the challenge, opening the game with two back-to-back three-point baskets.
Eighth-grader Blute Paw played in the game. “The game was fun,” she said. “The challenging part was that the teachers were really tall.” Her cousin, Terry Paw, also played in the game. “The teachers were getting all these rebounds,” he added. “They were very tough. The students would not give up, though.”
Barley, who helped organize the student team, said sharing a positive experience was one goal of the game. “I really focused on making it fun for everyone," Barley said. "I had 15 points off of three-point shots. I played for a while, then started to watch the game. It was fun playing and watching."

Insight From Inside The Winning Team (pictured right)

- Dr. Brown began the game shooting 3 for 5 on 3-pointers.
- Mr. Coffman played excellent "angry face" defense and was quite sweaty.
- Ms. O'Loughlin was extremely active with pick-and-roll offense and defense.
- Mr. Antoine forgot he was wearing his dress shoes, but looked fantastic.
- Ms. Sessoms was a force from 3-point land and beyond refusing to sub out.
- Mr. MacLean set the tone with 6 assists, 5 rebounds and 5 blocks (and a shocking 3 turnovers!).
- Mr. Scott thrilled the fans with his feats of athleticism and uncanny knack for stealing the ball.
- Ms. Armstead showed her experience and leadership with many lay ups and her famous blazing speed.
- Mr. Magee was a human highlight reel of high-flying dunks.
- Principal Knight was mostly fair in his officiating, when he wasn't chatting up the students.

~ Courtesy of DeWitt Teacher Dan McClain