Let's Talk!

Let's Talk! helps ICSD create positive, productive relationships with students, parents, teachers, employees, and community members.

Read more below, and look for the Let's Talk! icon to share what's on your mind. Click image to visit the district Let's Talk! page.

If Ithaca City School District is to Engage, Educate, and Empower every student who enters our schools, we must build strong community relationships and establish an open-door climate - a climate in which every stakeholder is empowered to contribute to our success. That’s why we launched Let’s Talk! — a revolutionary  always-on listening station for the community to share opinions and ask questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let’s Talk! helps us create positive, productive relationships with students, parents, teachers, employees and community residents — one conversation at a time! Read these frequently asked questions.

Q: What is Let’s Talk!?
A: Let’s Talk! is a two-way, cloud-based communications solution that instantly connects community members to district decision makers. While phone calls, 
emails, and in-person meetings remain a critical part of ICSD’s engagement strategy, Let’s Talk! offers a level of connectivity and accountability that more traditional forms of communication do not, and lets community members reach ICSD when their schedules allow. Submitting a question, comment, or concern via Let’s Talk! makes it easier to identify opportunities for deeper conversations, spot potential problems before they ignite into full crises, and build stronger, more productive relationships.
Q: What is the purpose of Let’s Talk!?
A: Let’s Talk! promotes honest conversations to identify issues and concerns, and it drives action by facilitating an open dialogue between ICSD leaders and our community. ICSD launched Let’s Talk! as a commitment to a philosophy of leading by listening.
Q: How will ICSD benefit from Let’s Talk!?
A: Let’s Talk! enables ICSD to continually take the pulse of our school community. It helps us consider and understand your views, giving us the opportunity to address concerns or problems 
early, before they escalate in urgency or severity. We’re able to streamline district communications, lightening employee workloads while improving response times.

Q: How does Let’s Talk! work?
A: Let’s Talk! is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer, tablet or mobile device. When you submit a comment or question, the system automatically routes it to the appropriate ICSD staff member for 
follow-up. You may remain anonymous or leave contact information to get a personal response.

Q: Can ICSD identify an anonymous user?
A: No. District and school leaders can learn a person’s identity only if it is revealed in the written text.
Q: Who created Let’s Talk!?
A: Let’s Talk! was developed by K12 Insight. Based in Virginia, K12 Insight works with more than 30,000 school administrators nationwide to strengthen the relationships that power education. K12 Insight provides custom solutions that combine technology, research, and expert training to help school leaders build trust and drive positive change in their communities.

ICSD’s Let’s Talk! Implementation Team
left to right  Client Support, Kristin Lu; Client Support, Katie Sieck; Let’s Talk!
Implementation Manager, Justin Wilk; Director of Training, Melissa Krut