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Notification Statute

April 11, 1965
Elementary & Secondary Education Act

This act supports initiatives helping low-income families access high-quality education programs, and applies to children who need additional support to benefit from public school education programs.

November 30, 1975
Education for All Handicapped Children Act

This law requires states to provide a free and appropriate public education for children with disabilities, created individualized education programs,  and defines “least restrictive environment.”

October 8, 1986
Education of the Handicapped Act Amendments

These amendments require states to extend free and appropriate education to children with disabilities for ages 3 to 5, and established early intervention programs for children with disabilities age birth to 2.

Special Education Services

October 30, 1990
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

This act established ‘people first’ language referring to people with disabilities, and extended special education services.

January 8, 2002
No Child Left Behind

This covers a range of policy changes in education, including the expectation that adequate yearly progress will be made - regardless of disability and other factors.

December 3, 2004
Individuals with Disabilities Education
Improvement Act

This act raised standards for special education teacher licensure, aims to prevent disproportionate representation of students in special education, and extended the age to 21 for children with special needs to get education services.


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