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Elementary Case Studies

Our students are engaged in projects that often include rigorous research (often “in the field” or away from the classroom), engaging with experts, synthesizing their learning in various ways, and communicating what they’ve learned in traditional and nontraditional ways.  These projects involve students in authentic learning; doing the work of historians, scientists, and other professionals in order to build and apply knowledge that is meaningful to their lives and futures.
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2nd Grade Partners in Pollination & Seed student drawing student planting new growth fish in a cup student construction paper artwork
School: Caroline
Second Grade
School: Belle Sherman
First Grade
Schools: Beverly J. Martin, South Hill
Fourth Grade
School: Cayuga Heights
First Grade
student painting - car in flood
students dredging creek
student watercolor of Ithaca Farmer's Market Students drawing with tablets
School: Caroline
Fourth Grade
Schools: Beverly J. Martin, Caroline,  Enfield, South Hill
Fifth Grade
Unique Places
School: Northeast
Fourth Grade
School: Caroline
drawing of crow Student drawing - "Mummers Parade in Philadelphia"
Children drawing at table
Classroom full of students
School: Enfield
First Grade
School: South Hill
Fourth Grade
Seed to Table, Growing Food and Scientists
School: Northeast Elementary
Fifth Grade
Why are Frogs Disappearing?
School: Beverly J. Martin Elementary
Third Grade
Kindergarten students exploring the animals that live in their neighborhood
Fall Creek World Connections on Adobe Sparks
Animals in My Neighborhood
School: Beverly J. Martin
How My Favorite Things Connect Me to the World
School: Fall Creek
Third Grade

Belle Sherman
Beverly J Martin
Cayuga Heights
Fall Creek
South Hill
Boynton Middle
DeWitt Middle
Ithaca HS
Lehman Alternative


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