About Northeast Elementary

Northeast Elementary School is located in a quiet neighborhood setting at 425 Winthrop Drive in the Town of Ithaca. Recently, Northeast Elementary received The Blue Ribbon School Award from the US Department of Education. Northeast students and staff received this national distinction because of consistent outstanding student achievement in both Math and English Language Arts. We were glad to see that the US Department of Education had recognized what many in Ithaca had known for many years- that Northeast is an outstanding elementary school committed to the success of each individual student.

Besides high levels of academic achievement, Northeast is also known for its diverse student population. Our families come from all over the world and our school is rich in language diversity, cultural diversity, and socio-economic diversity. Families play a key part in Northeast’s success and our PTA provides extra enrichment classes, programs, and opportunities that all students benefit from. Also of note, Northeast staff and students know that working hard and having fun are not mutually exclusive.