Cool School Food

The Cool School Food program introduces students - and their families - to healthy, delicious food while providing the opportunity to learn about other cultures, as well as opportunities to use local foods as often as possible. The recipes used in the program are international plant-based entrees, and are included on the menu at schools in the ICSD. The recipes are free of artificial ingredients. They are made by cooks in the central kitchen at Boynton Middle School. These recipes appear every Thursday, and the “Awesome Bean Burger” is on the menu whenever there are also hamburgers on the menu. Hummus and Pasta Fazool may also appear on other days. Cool School Food recipes are printed in green on the school lunch menu and have an asterisk after the name. Read the full letter provided to parents and students by Food Service Director Denise Agati. Some schools in ICSD offer a Cool School Food after-school program - a few pictures are below from two of the schools, Northeast and South Hill.
South Hill students eat power hummus after working together to make it.
South Hill students read ingredients on a label of commonly eaten food.
Northeast students shred carrots & other ingredients for power hummus.
Northeast students eat power hummus after working together to make it.