Read Letter From Dr. Brown

March 3, 2016
Dear Families, Caregivers, and Community Members:
I am writing to provide an update regarding water quality in the Ithaca City School District (ICSD). Certified drinking water is now available to students and staff in all ICSD facilities. Along with providing certified drinking water, additional water tests have been completed and technical expertise has been sought.
The evaluation of our water systems involves complex sampling and testing procedures. In addition to Caroline and Enfield Elementary, water testing has been conducted at school buildings on municipal water systems. The most recent sampling results are available here and hardcopies are available at the school buildings. Recent sampling procedures may have produced inaccurate results.  The Tompkins County Health Department has advised that we retest at Caroline and Enfield elementary the week of March 7. A plan is being developed to retest all other buildings.
Along with proper testing practices, investigation must be conducted to determine whether any remediation efforts are needed to produce compliant and safe water systems throughout our school district.  We have been in conversations with Judith Enck,  the  Region  2  Administrator  of  the  U.S.  Environmental  Protection  Agency (EPA).  Ms. Enck and her staff will support our school district with regard to sampling procedures, remediation efforts, and potential funding sources. A third-party project leader will coordinate the EPA collaboration, water systems’ evaluations, and action steps.
I appreciate our school community’s engagement and support as we address the very important and complex issue of water quality. As you may know, many other communities throughout the nation are also grappling with this issue.  I am confident that the spirit of trust and collaboration in our community will inspire sustainable solutions. As always, feel free to call me (607) 274-6845 with questions, thoughts, or concerns.
Luvelle Brown, Ed.D