Physical Education News March 2016

First order of business is a HUGE THANK YOU! 

The 2016 version of the Great Escape night was a huge success.  Collectively, we raised almost $1,100, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you.  It was great to see almost 150 kids come back to school to show off our gymnastics work during the Great Escape. 

A very special shout out to Carol Dentes–Wilhelm and parent Michelle Alex for organizing all of the amazing pictures…more info on this shortly.  A thank you goes to parents Liz Bergman and Jessica Adams for organizing and operating the food sales that happened throughout the night.  It was a wonderful night, Mike and I are already thinking of ways to improve and change the Great Escape for next school year.  THANK YOU
The month of March will see students working on a lot of hand-eye coordination through units focusing on throwing and catching, force, dribble, pass, and the concepts of over and under.  Additionally, students will work on upper body strength and endurance during the ball and tire wrestling unit.