DeWitt Flaming Fries

DeWitt Middle School's Destination Imagination Team: The Flaming Fries. 

For this year's challenge, DeWitt's Flaming Fries chose to do a service learning project. They worked with Mayor Myrick and Dr. Brown to identify a problem in the community. The problem they chose is how to keep the community active even when the weather makes it difficult to exercise outdoors. They worked with ten groups/individuals to create movement videos and posters, and started hosting an online event February 22. The online event continues on business days through March 4. Each day features movement videos. The Flaming Fries hopes many people in our community will try the movements in schools, businesses, their homes, and more places. Some of the participants include: Dr. Brown, Mayor Myrick, Touchdown - the mascot at Cornell, members of the Cornell Men's Ice Hockey team, Hilby, and the Blind Spots. Click photo and links to learn more.