Boynton Brings Big Names

Boynton Middle School will host its annual Black History Month Celebration on Thursday, February 25. The event will begin at 9:30 am with a morning assembly that features Willie Monroe, Jr.

Monroe is a professional athlete who has lived and trained in Ithaca. He is the focus of the PBS documentary titled ‘JR’ - The story of professional boxer Willie Monroe, Jr. At the celebration, Monroe will also conduct a seminar for student athletes about being a professional athlete.

Students will attend workshops throughout the day on topics that include local Ithaca leaders, comedy improv, art, the politics of hip-hop music, and creative writing. The workshops are rooted in New York State learning standards - such as understanding the cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts.

The day will conclude with students showcasing what they have learned in a school-wide assembly. There will also be a performance by Team Powell of Rochester, NY.
picture of Monroe, Jr.   picture of Powell