BJM: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebuy

The BJM Go Green Team hosted a visit by the Tompkins County Solid Waste and Recycling Center January 27, 2016.

A hands-on presentation about the 4 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebuy, was conducted by Seth Dennis, assistant recycling specialist.
“It was a great opportunity for NEW students and staff to ask questions and become inspired to keep BJM green and clean,” said Maria Connell, Go Green Team Member.

The Go Green Team – aka GG Team – is trying to raise awareness of and participation in environmentally responsible behaviors.
“So far this year, we have conducted recycling and composting interviews with staff to learn more about what school members are currently doing to recycle and compost and what else they need in terms of education and resources to keep building sustainability,” Connell said. “The Kindergarten Team has also created a case study to track recycling and composting behaviors to share with the school - including rolling up sleeves, putting on sturdy gloves, and counting and graphing contamination!”
The presentation January 27 was the next step. It helped staff and students continue to learn about the 4 R's with homemade, interactive, and totally sustainable games that taught fun facts about recycling.
“We're educating ambassadors of the earth right here within school community,” Connell said.

Highlights from the Presentation:
· What Goes in the Bin – a more formal presentation of what you can and can't recycle in Tompkins County. 
· Envelope Making - use of old calendars to make fun, colorful new envelopes.
· Recycle BINGO – use of bottle caps as space markers while learning about the 4R's with bingo.

Picture: Seth Dennis plays "Reuse" Bingo with 3rd graders. Students used water bottle tops to cover pictures of assorted recyclables.