Music News January 2016

In the month of January, all grades will focus on improving rhythm performance skills using rhythm reading games and international games with a steady beat.
Here are specific grade level highlights for this month in the Music Room:
Kindergarten: We will learn snowman songs, active games, and songs about colors.
First Grade: We will sing songs and read about animals in winter - making connections about animal tracks and winter survival skills in our climate and other areas. We'll also perform a sound piece about special winter activities.
Second Grade: Students will practice their singing skills on a beautiful song about Dr. Martin Luther King. Rhythm practice will include new chants using xylophones and “boom whackers.”
Third Grade: We will use different dynamic levels to sing 'Just One Candle' and 'Martin Luther King,' along with songs from musical theatre.
Fourth Grade: Students will create their own version of the famous tune “My Favorite Things" from "The Sound Of Music."
Fifth Grade: We will learn more about African drumming techniques, and the roots of Jazz.
Our newest song uses American Sign Language to encourage us to help others in the community.
Happy Singing!
Mrs. Karen Cushman