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  • Every ICSD student has an Google account. These accounts usually follow this
  • The initial password for these accounts is the student's ID number as assigned in School Tool.


Teachers and other staff:

All teachers and staff have two ICSD associated accounts:

  1. Active Directory/Windows/Mac: computer login, ICSD wifi connections, school tool login
    • This account password has likely remained the same for a long time. We will begin resetting these during December (2017) and again next September (2018), and then every 180 days.
  2. Google accounts: email, drive, chrome browser, Chromebook login, docs, sheets, youtube
    • To access this account
      • Visit
      • Enter your ICSD email address as the email address,
      • NOTE: If you are not prompted for an email address on a login page you may be logged into a personal google account. If so, sign out of this account using the button in the top right.
      • Also, the account was reset last school year, it will be reset again in April this year, and then every 180 days.?????


Please call the ICSD help desk for password assistance: (607) 882-9555.