Students 'Citizen Scientists'

Nearly 200 Ithaca CSD 5th-grade students in nine classrooms at four schools are training to become Citizen Scientists, taking action on an issue that’s been plaguing each of their local communities - invasive species.

The project is a learning expedition co-created by nine teachers - each of these nine teachers committed over 70 hours of planning time into the expedition. The teachers are Chris Barley, Lisa Sahasrabudhe, Brian Van Gorder, Danielle Rottenstein, Brian Goodman, Christina Steiner, Carolyn Belle, Kim Blackmur, and Kim Lazarro. The students are from Beverly J. Martin, Caroline, Enfield, and South Hill, and they practice science at Cascadilla Falls, Caroline Wilderness Trail, Lower Treman State Park, and Buttermilk Falls.

ICSD 5th graders work on CSAP about two hours each day, learning much of their life science content and fall English Language Arts skills through the expedition.  In addition, students are learning how to communicate their thinking with peers across different classrooms through their new Chromebooks.