BJM Multicultural Bookfest Day

BJM Elementary hosted their first Multicultural Bookfest Day on May 7. Students brought a book to read to end the morning with a massive read-to-self event. Many of them (and some staff members) also dressed up as their favorite book characters.

Many fifth grade students showed off their read-aloud skills by reading stories from around the world to younger scholars in the globe tent! Community members also read to classes from the Big Red Chair, including Kenneth McLaurin, John Simon, Sim Redmond, and officers from the Ithaca Police Department. BJM scholars are not just readers; they are also book-makers and authors! Ms. Reukauf and fifth graders led book-making workshops on how to create several different book bindings. First and second graders read “The Big Orange Splot” about Mr. Plumbean’s dream house. Then they made, wrote, and illustrated 3-D books about their own dream houses! Both of these projects are now on display outside the school library. Other activities included a popular cookbook display in the cafeteria, Book Nooks for reading to self in the hallways, and a scavenger hunt for book characters hidden throughout the school. Each BJM student got to select their own new book from a display of almost 100 books selected by BJM Teacher-Librarian Paula Long and other faculty members. These books were purchased from Buffalo Street Books by generous donors in the Ithaca community.

The annual multicultural dinner that night hosted a book exchange table, plus a TCPL art activity and library card sign ups. The dinner celebration - the product of extensive work by the PTA - featured food, performances, and silent auction items from around the world. Thanks to the many students, teachers, staff, families, donors, community organizations and businesses that helped make BJM Bookfest a success!

More photos from the BJM Bookfest are available on the district Facebook Page.