Celebration of the Arts

BJM celebrated visual art and music on the evening of April 16.  The event included an art show of work by our K-5 students, created under the direction of visual arts teacher, Kate Praisner.  Student pieces demonstrate design principles and art elements such as perspective, the use of color, line, value, form, shape, space, texture, pattern, movement, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, balance, and unity.  The work shows the students’ strengths in visual literacy and their impressive fine motor abilities.

At the event, families viewed a documentary highlighting how art and science come together in the creation of origami and tried out paper folding under the guidance of Jotaro Uga, a 4th grader, his mother Noriko Uga, and Deb Reukauf. Other activities included drumming in the music room and trying out an array of musical instruments in the string and band room with the support of IC music education students.  Overall, the night was a huge success.  We are thankful to everyone who participated, and especially to our talented and creative students.