Music Mentor Pilot Program

Mastering an instrument is only 20% due to having an instrument, lessons, and books - 80% of success is hard work. That's a good recipe, but because families have multiple obligations after school, there are many obstacles to practicing at home.

Ian Cummings, BJM’s instrumental music teacher, and Prof. Nia Makepeace, Ithaca College, teamed up to provide an innovative solution: during Spring semester, IC students oversaw rotations of 3rd graders practicing during the A+ after-school program as part of a pilot program.

The volunteers help the music scholars stay on task and focus, and some provided skilled support as they are musicians themselves. Plus, this model avoids the problem of remembering to bring the instrument for school lessons.

These 3rd graders showed off their significant progress as part of several year-end concerts including the after-school program's April 23rd showcase and the instrumental music program’s June 9th concert.