Music News October 2015

In October, primary grades (K-2) will learn action songs - moving to a steady beat. They will practice using a variety of percussion instruments, learning how to play together on the beat. They will also learn how to treat musical instruments with care - playing them in the correct manner and at a suitable volume. We will study Forte (loud sound level) and Piano (soft sound level) and put these sound levels into practice with our songs, games, and movement activities.

Grade Three will continue to learn American folk songs and folk dances this month. They will compose their own verses to one famous fiddle tune.

Grade Four will sing a variety of patriotic songs. They will also learn basic conducting patterns and practice using different dynamic levels in their performances.

Grade Five will learn work songs from around the world.  Our theme: Music is a Universal Language. We will explore how music often makes tasks easier and more pleasant.
Mrs. Cushman
Vocal Music