Physical Education News October 2015

South Hill physical education classes have had a great start to the year - reviewing and learning our routines, and our new kindergarten friends becoming familiar with this big space.  The next few weeks will include a lot of work on hand-eye coordination through the concepts of throwing, catching, and aiming.  In addition, students are working on eye-foot coordination through the concepts of kicking and trapping of objects.

Stretching allows us to - not only exercise, but - also work on a few math concepts. Also, children have been talking about angles and how they affect a kick or a throw.

Thank you to students and parents for a great start to the year and the wonderful job of children having sneakers on scheduled PE days.  We would be very appreciative if this continues even as the weather turns to winter. 

As always, please feel free to stop in with your sneakers and participate with your child anytime.