Health & Wellness

School Health Services is made up of a team of professional nurses, school physician, head nurse and medical secretary.  This team provides medical management and support for students, as well as providing health and safety guidance for the entire school community.   

School nurses play a critical role in addressing the health needs of students, minimizing health-related barriers, and contributing to students’ academic success.  They are in an ideal position to work closely with students and their primary support systems.  Additionally, nurses focus on the health needs of the entire school community, and beyond. 

Consistent with the ICSD mission to engage, educate and empower the students, school nurses help students gain knowledge that will allow them to develop positive, life-long, health behaviors, achieve greater academic success, and become productive members of the community.  

“School nurses provide a non-negotiable value for our nation’s children, keeping them healthy, in school and ready to learn.” (National Association of School Nurses 2011)


Cathy Sinnott, Coordinator of Health Services & Wellness
(607) 274-2127
Kamela Willett, Medical Secretary
(607) 274-2172
School News
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