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Releasing Young Children

The Ithaca City School District does not release children in pre-K, Kindergarten, first, or second grade unless responsible adults are present to receive them. The reason for this policy is ensuring the safety of our youngest and most vulnerable bus riders. Verbal reassurances such as “I’m always home, just drop my child off” are not acceptable. Parents of  children in K, 1st, and 2nd grades may file an annual waiver indicating that their children can get off the bus unsupervised. Signed (and legible, please!) waivers should be sent to the Bus Garage.  

If no responsible adult is visible to receive a child at the designated bus stop, the child will be left on the bus which will continue its route while the office attempts to contact a designated adult. If an adult cannot be reached, the child will be returned to school or to the Bus Garage until a responsible party is reached.  


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