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Transportation Department Profile

The Ithaca City School District transports over 5000 children daily to and from school and school activities. Our 84 buses travel approximately 1.2 million miles annually. Our 110 staff include bus drivers, attendants, mechanics, and office personnel. Our staff is deeply dedicated to serving the community and to children’s safety. Many employees have worked here for more than twenty years; average length of service is 11 years. This reservoir of experience and human capital is the key to our ability to provide safe, quality service to the children of our community.


  • Accident Review Committee

  • Wellness Committee

  • Student Training Committee

  • Trip Committee

  • Rules and Regulations Committee

  • Public Education Committee



  • Alzarif, Marwan, Bus Driver
  • Bakhri, Driss, Bus Driver
  • Barrett, Leroy, Bus Attendant
  • Beeman, Bethli, Bus Attendant
  • Berner, Elizabeth, Supervisor
  • Bowlsby, Fran, Bus Attendant
  • Boynton, Robert, Route Coordinator
  • Broughton, Vivian, Bus Attendant
  • Burgess, AJ, Bus Attendant
  • Collins, Jimmy, Bus driver
  • Cook, Jim, Bus Driver
  • Cook, Debbie, Bus Attendant
  • Cranmer, Lee, Bus Driver
  • Curtis, Deb, Bus Driver
  • Davis, Sherry, Bus Attendant
  • Dembinski, Steve, Bus Driver
  • Dort, Patience, Bus Driver
  • Drake, Vivian, Bus Attendant
  • Dubert, Jeff, Dispatcher
  • Elmore, Ken, Bus Attendant
  • Evans-Sheldrake, Tracy, Bus Driver
  • Facey, Ken, Bus Driver
  • Fedele, Chris, Bus Driver
  • Flood, Juliana, Bus Attendant
  • Friedman, Michael, Bus Driver
  • Fuller, Lacy, Bus Attendant
  • Galpin, Larry, Bus Attendant
  • Gardner, Cora, Bus Driver
  • Grant, Roger, Bus Driver
  • Griffin, Glen, Bus Driver
  • Griffin, Kwantia, Bus Driver
  • Hallett, Alesia, Bus Driver
  • Halstead, Kim, Bus Driver
  • Harrington, Hollie, Bus Driver
  • Hauhuth, Donna, Bus Driver
  • Head, Melissa, Bus Driver
  • Herrmann, Deborah, Bus Driver
  • Hill, Diane, Bus Attendant
  • Horstman, Christopher, Bus Driver
  • Hovey, Chad, Bus Driver
  • Howard, Paige, Bus Attendant
  • Howser, Alex, Bus Driver
  • Hubbard, Ray, Mechanic
  • Hull, Rhonda, Bus Driver
  • Hunt, George, Bus Driver
  • Hunter, Bruce, Bus Attendant
  • Hurley, Cheryl, Bus Driver
  • Hurley, Michael, Bus Driver
  • Irvin, Donna, Bus Driver
  • Jones, Jeffrey, Bus Driver
  • Jones, Joyce, Bus Attendant
  • Just, Ronald, Bus Driver
  • Kelly, Don, Bus Driver
  • Kinsman, Donna, Bus Driver
  • Kreutter, Robert, Bus Driver
  • Kreutter, Mary, Bus Attendant
  • LaDieu, Lisa, Bus Attendant
  • Leddington, Peter, Bus Driver
  • Li, Weihong, Bus Driver
  • Lindblad, Tina, Senior Typist
  • Lovell, Jeff, Bus Driver
  • Maataqui, Mohamed, Bus Driver
  • Manley, Lawrence, Bus Driver
  • Mapes, Barth, Bus Driver
  • Martin, Cindy, Bus Driver
  • Martin, Dorann, Bus Driver
  • Martin, John, Bus Driver
  • McDonald, Amber, Bus Driver
  • McGee, Tim, Bus Driver
  • Meyerhoff, Tim, Bus Driver
  • Morgan, Courtney, Bus Attendant
  • Moujtahid, Ismail, Bus Driver
  • Mrdjenovic, Branko, Bus Driver
  • Muldowney, Bruce, Bus Driver
  • Murdough, Roy, Bus Driver
  • Norman, Maria, Bus Driver
  • O'Donnell, Brian, Bus Driver
  • Pallace, Gerald, Bus Driver
  • Park, Lawrence, Bus Driver
  • Parker, AJ, Bus Driver
  • Peet, Richard, Bus Attendant
  • Pidlypchak, Nicholas, Bus Driver
  • Ponton, Vanessa, Bus Driver
  • Rouleau, Scott, Mechanic
  • Rumsey, Seth, Mechanic
  • Sammo, Mark, Bus Driver
  • Schmohe, Daniel, Bus Driver
  • Sciarra, Fred, Bus Attendant
  • Schmidt, Kyle, Fleet Manager
  • Scofield, Diane, Bus Driver
  • Shaul, Logan, Mechanic
  • Shuman, Peter, Bus Driver
  • Simmons, Isaiah, Bus Driver
  • Smith, Kathy Jo, Bus Driver
  • Snyder, Tonya, Custodian
  • Soule, Herb, Mechanic
  • Statema, Kim, Clerk
  • Stout, James, Bus Driver
  • Talarski, Diane, Bus Driver
  • Talarski, Donald, Bus Driver
  • Taube, Guenter, Bus Driver
  • Teeter, John, Bus Driver
  • Tesori, Seth, Bus Attendant
  • Tottey, Phyllis, Bus Driver
  • Turk, Brian, Bus Driver
  • VanAmburg, Brandon, Bus Driver
  • Vanek, Bruce, Bus Attendant
  • VanPetten, Crystal, Bus Attendant
  • Vena, Jill, Bus Driver
  • Walsh, Timothy, Bus Driver
  • Wanagel, Diane, Bus Driver
  • Ward, Donnie, Bus Driver
  • Weissbrot, Gary, Bus driver
  • Welser, Michael, Bus Driver
  • West, Jamie, Bus Attendant
  • White, Bill, Bus Driver
  • Wuttke, Jeffrey, Bus Driver
  • Yuzvak, Yaroslav, Bus Driver
  • Zaharis, Peter, Bus Driver

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Ithaca City School District
Dr. Luvelle Brown, Superintendent
400 Lake Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 274-2101