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Network Home Shares


We encourage all ICSD users to use google services such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides whenever feasible. However, sometimes it is appropriate to use ICSD provided network shares to store vital and sensitive information.

All staff members were allocated 1 Gigabyte of space on the network as a Network Home Share to store their work-related files. We also provide some departments or groups of staff with additional network shares for collaborative work. All these network shares are protected and backed up on a regular basis. If are interested in additional collaborative space please submit a Snoopy Help Request.

Network shares are not an appropriate place to store personal photos, music, or movies.

Anything you put here is protected from any disaster that may affect your individual computer.  If you keep all your files on your laptop or desktop and it dies you will lose your files.

You can access your network share from any ICSD computer on our network by logging in with your ICSD username and password.

Your network share is not an appropriate place to store personal photos, music, or movies.


Apple Computers:

When you log in, a folder call “Staff” should automatically appear on your desktop. In this folder, you should find your network share.

If this “Staff” folder does not appear automatically, please follow these steps to mount your network share manually:

Go -> Connect to Server.

Type in “afp://dfs/staff”

Type in your username and password when prompted.

The staff folder should appear on the desktop. Your network share is inside.

Dell Computers:

Your network share is accessible as the H: drive in “My Computer”.

If it isn't, you can mount the share manually:

Click the circle "start" button.

For staff, type "\\dfs\staff\USERNAME", substituting the USERNAME with your ICSD username.

For students, type "\\dfs\students\USERNAME", substituting the USERNAME with your ICSD username.

Hit Enter/Return.


-Macintosh File Names

Macintosh computers are very permissive with file naming and allow you to name files that are not permitted on our network shares. Our network shares do not accept files longer than 32 characters or with names that include the following characters: ? [ ] / \ = + < > : ; " , * |

Please be keep this in mind when choosing names for your files.

If you try to copy a folder to your network share that includes files name longer than 32 characters or that includes one of the offending characters above than the WHOLE copy will fail. You will need to drill down into the folders and fix offending file names. If faced with a large volume of files to process, then please come visit us at the help desk and we can use a utility to help you process the files.


-Why don't I have MORE Drive space?

The 1 Gigabyte space allocation was made a few years ago. As rich media content becomes ever more pervasive in our work we know users will need more than 1 Gigabyte of space, and we are working hard to rebuild our systems with additional space before next year. You are not limited to exactly 1 Gigabyte, but we would appreciate it if you use only what you need.

Your network share is not an appropriate place to store personal photos, music, or movies.

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