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Values & Beliefs

We Recognize

…that all students enter the Ithaca City School District with unique learning styles, abilities, experiences and individual stages of development. Education is enriched when students of differing abilities and talents learn together.

We Believe

… all students can become lifelong learners, can participate in a meaningful way in the least restrictive environment, can maximize their potential and become independent learners.

…Ongoing, collaborative practices between all stakeholders are essential to student success.

…Stakeholders have an individual responsibility to learn and implement research-based practices.

…In supporting students to become self-advocates who recognize and understand their individual strengths and needs.

…It is our responsibility to discover, value and integrate the students’ home and community experiences as the keystone to their educational 

…That all students should be provided with a safe learning environment.

…It is our responsibility to provide a full continuum of special education programs, supports and services.

…In the culture of reflection and meaningful assessment to guide differentiated instruction based on best practices with regard to individual development.

…Ongoing assessment of students’ interests, strengths and needs is essential to create equality educational goals.

…In dynamic instruction that is responsive to students ever-changing needs.

…It is our responsibility to use each student’s unique abilities to guide instruction and facilitate connections with local resources.

…Education prepares each student for effective participation in communities beyond the school.

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Ithaca City School District
Dr. Luvelle Brown, Superintendent
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Ithaca, NY 14850
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