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Flyer Distribution Guidelines

Board policy 1145 details the distribution of flyers, advertising materials and announcements. Please use the flyer distribution guidelines below.

The Ithaca City School District recognizes the importance of working alongside its community in support of non-profit events and opportunities that are tailored to engage our students and their families. To make this process easier to access for our community, we offer you the following guidelines to follow and ensure your non-profit flyer is circulated effectively.

Steps to creating a flyer that ICSD can distribute to students:

  1. You must be advertising an event or opportunity from a not-for-profit group that can furnish documentation as a nonprofit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. ICSD may not distribute or post flyers for garage sales, parking lot sales or sales, events and offers happening in affiliation with for-profit companies.
  2. Your flyer must contain the ICSD Disclaimer Statement. The disclaimer is as follows and can be any font or size as long as it is visible on your materials: These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Board of Education of the Ithaca City School District, the superintendent, or this school.
  3. Your flyer must not contain material that would:
  • Promote illegal discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, national origin or ethnicity, or disability.
  • Promote illegal activity for minors.
  • Contain words, symbols or images that would be regarded as lewd, obscene, vulgar or plainly offensive if communicated by a student on school grounds.
  • Defame a person or organization.
  • Threaten serious disruption of a school or school-sponsored activity.

How do I distribute my flyer to schools?

  • Your flyer must first be approved by the district before it can be distributed. Proofs of flyers should be submitted for approval a minimum of two weeks before you hope to distribute. Proofs should be sent to
  • You are responsible for distributing your flyer to our schools. Use of the ICSD Inter-Office Mail Services and its BOCES is prohibited.
  • You must contact each ICSD elementary school for information on how many flyers will be needed to distribute to each student. ICSD’s middle schools, its high school and its alternative school will only allow you to post your flyer on designated walls for advertising community events.
  • You will be required to show a copy of your flyer to each school secretary to show that you have prepared it using the above three steps.

As required by federal law, the District will not deny an outside non-proft organization the opportunity to distribute or display promotional material because the offered program, activity or event will be provided from a religious, philosophical or political perspective. 

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