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Ithaca Athletics Joins with ScheduleGalaxy

ScheduleGalaxy is now the provider for the Ithaca City School District athletics program web-based scheduling system. ScheduleGalaxy enhances both the scheduling process and public access to contest information.

ScheduleGalaxy provides:  

  • Quick public access to team schedules, free from commercial advertisement

  • Ability to receive email alerts for any schedule changes

  • Directions to contests from your current location to the exact game location via Google maps

  • View schedules, directions and schedule changes from either your computer or smart phone  

To access a team schedule, click here, and then choose the specific team you are seeking. You will be immediately directed to the homepage which has a calendar of all athletic contests. You can also choose the sport and team you’re looking for from the Quick Toggle menu at the top left of the homepage. Click on the sport and then click on the team to view their schedule. There, you will be able to sign up for email alerts for any schedule changes for that specific team. Click on a specific contest on either the list or the calendar and both Google map location and driving directions from your current location are readily available.

We are pleased for our athletics program and community to have the opportunity to join ScheduleGalaxy in providing this enhanced sports scheduling and public information system.

Ithaca ScheduleGalaxy Graphic


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