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2019 Capital Project

2019 Capital Project LogoThe Ithaca City School District is committed to providing safe, welcoming, and innovative facilities for students, families, and the community.

On May 21, 2019, Ithaca City School District voters will have the opportunity to authorize a $120 million, tax-neutral capital improvement bond. The bond would support the 2019 Capital Project, a district-wide, long-term facilities plan designed to enhance safety and security, upgrade teaching and learning spaces, and improve infrastructure at all ICSD schools. Construction of the proposed project would be completed in multiple phases over the course of 10 years, with Phase I work scheduled to begin in 2020.

The ICSD would pay for the 2019 Capital Project using a combination of State Building Aid and debt retirement — as the District pays off old debt, it would take on new debt to fund the improvements. This system of debt retirement would stabilize the debt service line in the ICSD’s annual budget and, as a result, the proposed project would be tax neutral.


What is a Capital Project?
Pre-Referendum Process
Conceptual Project Timeline
Capital Project Information Gathering
2019 Capital Project Priority Areas

2007 Capital Project
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