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ICSD Team Drives

Starting in May 2018, we will be providing Google Team Drives to replace and improve upon our old network shares. These new Google Team Drives are shared spaces where teams of ICSD Staff can easily share files and collaborate.

Unlike files in your normal Google My Drive, files in Team Drive belong to the team instead of an individual. Ownership of the times remains with the team so that even if members leave, the files stay exactly where they are and the team can continue to share information.

Many of you will already have shared folders across your teams. We encourage you to begin migrating files (were appropiate) to Team Drives so they are not explicilty tied to your account!

Here is google’s team drive information page: Google Team Drives. Please note, we have limited the creation of team drives to tech staff (section 1 of the guide). If you need a Team Drive, please let us know.

Here are the intial team drives we created:

All Buildings
  • Building Staff Drive - For example, BJM Staff.
    This will be a drive with general building-wide information provided by your main office. Most staff will have view-only access.
Elementary Buildings
  • Grade Level Drives -- For example, 5th Grade.
    This drive will be available to all 5th grade teachers across the district.
  • Building Grade Level Drives -- For example, BS 5th Grade.
    This drive will be available to all grade level teachers per building.
Secondary Buildings
  • Building Department Drives -- For example, DeWitt Fine Arts.
    This drive will be available to all departmental teachers per building.
Future Team Drives

We have provided these intial team drives but this is just the beginning. We will create more drives as we discover more places these drives could be of use. If you have a group, club, PLC, or any other team that could make use of a Google Team Drive, please fill out a help request and we set one up for you!

Belle Sherman
Beverly J Martin
Cayuga Heights
Fall Creek
South Hill
Boynton Middle
DeWitt Middle
Ithaca HS
Lehman Alternative


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