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Cayuga Heights Radio Dramas

Through writing, rehearsing and recording audio stories, Cayuga Heights fifth-graders have recaptured the magic of the radio era.
Long before the students were born, radio dramas were a popular way to bring stories into American living rooms.
Fifth graders have been working with Aoise Stratford, a playwright and visiting assistant professor in Cornell University’s Department of Performing and Media Arts, over the month of April to create their own version of the radio drama.
In groups, the students wrote their own imaginative stories, constructing a script with several scenes. During the process, they considered dialogue and how to distinguish between different characters through voice. They also utilized audio cues and sound effects to help guide listeners through the story.
The tales – which ranged from searching for and rescuing a lost relative to squabbling over a pet hamster – were then workshopped in a classroom setting, with peers providing acting notes and feedback on the scripts.
After refining the tales, the students rehearsed and recorded the stories for an audience to enjoy.
The Radio Dramas unit was funded by the Ithaca Public Education Initiative (IPEI).

Cayuga Heights students learning about radio dramas.

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