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ICSD Phones

In March 2018, we completed the 2nd phase of our ICSD Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) project by deploying phones to all ICSD classrooms and setting-up teacher voice-mail.

There are two main types of phones in our district, classroom and office phones. Office phones are assigned to positions while classroom phones are based on physical location.

A directory of ICSD phone lines and teacher voice-mail boxes can be found here: ICSD Phone Directory
A quick-start video can be found here: Quick Start Video
A user manual for the classroom phones can be found here: 7800 series phone manual

All Phones
  • 911 emergency service is available - dial 911
  • call outside lines using 8 + 1 + area code + 7 digit number
  • call inside lines using the 5 digit extension
  • access voicemail - 90001 or 607-274-8888
Office Phones
  • Often have a 7 digit direct outside number along with a 5 digit, internal extension
  • Are associated with a user or role instead of a classroom
  • Voicemail alert displayed on the phone, tied to the extension
  • Examples
    • Nurse
    • Attendance
    • Special Education classroom
Classroom Phones
  • Only accessible with a 5 digit, internal extension
  • No voicemail displayed on the phone (teacher's voice mail is not tied to the phone)
  • Speed dials for the nurse, main office, and custodian
  • Outside calls
    • During school hours, outside calls can only be transfered in from the main office
    • After school hours, outside calls can connect if they know the room extension after calling the main school line
Teacher Voice-Mail
  • Voicemail will be delivered to your email as an attached sound file
  • Accessible from any ICSD phone with your Mailbox # and Pin code
  • VoiceMail Box # is 5 digits, based on our employee ID number (padding with leading zeroes if necessary)
  • Voicemail not tied to any particular phone

Access your new ICSD Voice mail:
  • From inside the district - call 90001
  • From outside of the district - call  607-274-8888
  • Enter your Voice Mailbox number followed by the # symbol
  • Follow the voice prompts to record your greeting and pick a new PIN #
Leave a Message on a teacher voicemail from any ICSD Phone:
  • Call their 5 digit mailbox # from any ICSD phone
  • Open the voice directory and say their name.
Leave a Message on a teacher voicemail from a Non-ICSD Phone:
  • Call your building's main phone line or 607-274-8888
  • Enter your voice mailbox #
  • They should then hear your greeting and be able to record a message
Find Staff information in the Staff Resources Drive.

Belle Sherman
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Boynton Middle
DeWitt Middle
Ithaca HS
Lehman Alternative


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