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Some of the ICSD’s youngest students are learning how to code with the help of Bee-Bots. Several classes have used the small, beginner-level robots to learn the basics of coding, including counting, sequencing, estimation, and problem-solving.
Children press directional buttons to program the Bee-Bot to move forward, left or right, six inches at a time. The robots use the commands to travel from one place to another.
In Andrea Sands’ kindergarten class at Beverly J. Martin Elementary, students built obstacle courses, then programmed the Bee-Bots to maneuver around walls and other objects. “There’s a lot of pre-planning and pre-thinking involved,” Sands said.
Teams of students planned out the Bee-Bot’s movements, using a ruler to estimate how many times it should move in a certain direction. Then, they wrote down the pattern before pressing the Bee-Bot’s buttons and testing it out. Later, they would make adjustments to improve the robot’s path, and even race two Bee-Bots in the same obstacle course.
In addition to coding, the children learn skills like perseverance, impulse control, and patience, said Sands, who added that many of her students find the activity fun.
“Some of them really like it,” she said.
BJM Students Learn Coding with Bee-Bots

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